Things to do in Julian, CA


Here is a list of great things to do…

1. Fort Cross Old Timey Adventures

The first thing you’ll pass when heading up to Julian from Ramona is Fort Cross Old Timey Adventure which is such a cool spot for the entire family!  They teach you all old timey skills that the pioneers of this region would use.


2. Eagle & High Peak Mines

Check out the Eagle Mine which gives public tours of the Eagle & High Peak Mines


The Eagle Mine in Julian was one of the most successful mines in San Diego during the Gold Rush and is now open for tours!

3. Hubbard Mine

The Hubbard mine was started in 1874 and was jointly operated with the Redman and Ready Relief mines. Together they were one of the largest mining operations in the Julian district. The Hubbard mine profited $200,000 during its years of operation. Note: This is not a kid or dog-friendly hike.


Located in Old Banner City, the Hubbard Mine is one of San Diego's one of the largest mining operations located in the Julian district

4. Volcan Mountain

One of the most scenic and historic hikes around is on Volcan Mountain!


Visit the Volcan Mountain, one of San Diego's mountain rich in Native American history

5. Inaja Memorial Trail

We always stop by the Inaja Memorial trail for the sunset on our way back down the mountain:

Sunset Trail
Inaja trail


6. Golden Gem Mine

This abandoned UNSAFE mine is so easy to miss that you’ll walk right by it on your first attempt. While others have braved the partially collapsed entrance, others suffer from claustrophia and will never venture past the leaning timbers. Note: This is not a kid or dog-friendly hike.


7. Warlock Mine

Deep in the hills of Julian the remains of the Warlock Mine, one of San Diego County’s most productive and prolific mines. Note: This is not a kid or dog-friendly hike.


Warlock Mine

8. Three Sisters Falls

Hike to one of San Diego’s largest waterfalls!



9. Julian Farm & Orchard:

Julian Farm and Orchard is a wonderful spot to stop by during your visit to Julian.  Sitting on 25 acres, this sustainable farm has plenty of family-friendly activities to choose from.

To kick off the spring season, make sure to grab some of their U-Pick daffodils from their beautiful orchard . They also have a petting zoo with goats, sheep, chickens, donkeys and other sweet animals!  Enjoy a hayride on their vintage tractor along with other seasonal activities.


julian farm orchard (6)

10. Banner Ranch


For those that desire a back-country adventure filled with rich history, family-fun activities & a variety of unique lodging options, Banner Ranch may be the place for you!

Located on 62 acres in the Historic Banner district, Banner Ranch is actually only 12 minutes from Main Street Julian.  It’s just far enough from town to make you feel way out there though which creates a very exciting getaway!

This is the perfect spot for family trips where you have the option of either camping, wagon glamping or staying in a tiny home!  The property is also perfect for a rustic wedding, festival or any other special occasion.

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